Walking is more than leg exercise

Most  walking rehabilitation devices focus on legs work while upper body’s rotational work between torso and pelvis is usually not addressed. Our Balanseat case series  demonstrated that upper body work is crucial for improved walking quality and reduced risk of falls

Balanseat is a motor training device developed to help older adults to improve walking and balancing

Active-Sitting Technology

Balanseat utilizes Active-Sitting technology. It applies gentle movements to the torso, the pelvis and the thighs while the patient is seated, in order to regain rotational flexibility of the torso which may have diminished due to age or neurologic disease. It improves walking quality, balance, reduces risk of falls and improves ambulation 

Balanseat - Value Proposition

Reduces direct and indirect costs related to falls

Helps fighting  isolation & health deterioration

Increases seniors’ well-being

Combining in-depth understanding of gerontology and Neuro-rehabilitation with an innovative  platform, Balanseat offers a highly beneficial solution for assisted living facilities, elderly day care centers, physiotherapist clinics and rehab facilities

EIT Health project


Seated exercise technology (SET) in an integrated solution for walking and balance rehabilitation. A combined project by Phillips and Balanseat.


The Need

One in four Americans aged 65+ fall each year

Every 19 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall

In 2014, the total cost of fall injuries in USA was $31 billion

The direct cost of fragility fractures in Europe is €31.7 billion per year, expected to rise to €76.7 billion by 2050

A growing number of older adults generate fear of falling and, as a result, limit their activities and social engagements outside of their personal home

Why Balanseat

Clinical case series done with Balanseat demonstrate marked improvement in common physiotherapy functional parameters that are correlated to risk of falls and level of ambulation