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03/03/2021 – Balanseat by Mopair is exited to become a partner of FAITH

Within FAITH, a large number of parties are pooling their expertise and experiences in the field of frailty. Together FAITH provides more insight, practice-oriented knowledge, evidence-based interventions and conducts research into application in a personalized approach with an eye for the possibilities of technology and eHealth.

Under FAITH umbrella, Balanseat is initiating a clinical study on frail seniors, which will be conducted in two care centers of ZuidOostZorg in Northern Netherlands.

25/01/2021 – The Balanseat during a study at the rehabilitation center “Bait Balev” a subsidiary of Israel’s second largest HMI.

Balanseat in Bait Balev

28/10/2020 – SET is enrolling participants to its clinical study in St. Elisabeth nursing home in Aachen, Germany. The study will examine the impact of SET devices – Balanseat, GoSafe and IPANEMA to help improve walking and balance of the St. Elisabeth inhabitants.

Balanseat in Aachen

7/10/2020 – SET scientific poster was presented in the 11th World Congress for Neuro-Rehabilitation. SET presented the outcomes of its first clinical study that confirmed the accuracy of SET sensors, GoSafe and IPANEMA, to measure walking parameters. Both sensors’ outcomes were found to be in good correlation with direct measurements that were taken  in the Bio-Mechanical lab at the Technion.

View Poster

7/10/2020 –  SET exhibited recently its integrated treatment and monitoring platform to promote walking and balance rehabilitation.  SET virtual booth in the 11th World Congress for Neuro-Rehabilitation

SET Booth