About us

Balanseat was developed by a team of entrepreneurs, scientists, physicians and engineers. Balanseat is a  Mopair Technologies Ltd. product

MoPair Technologies Ltd. was founded by a Feldenkrais practitioner with many years of experience treating  neurologically impaired patients as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Post-Stroke and Parkinson’s

I wanted to address the needs of the older adults and the neurologically impaired, so I developed for them a unique tool that provides full harmonic movement of the torso while they are seated

Uri Halperin
Balanseat's Founder

The Team

Uri Halperin


A senior Feldenkrais practitioner with vast experience in rehabilitation: MS patients at Sheba Medical Center & IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) disabled veterans at Beit-Halochem Center

Yossi Yavin


Former CEO of UroGen Pharma, Former VP Marketing & Business Development at AudioCodes with vast experience in strategic business development and go to market

Dr. Yehuda Zicherman

Marketing Executive

A seasoned CEO, Clinical Manager, R&D & Marketing Manager of innovative medical device companies with vast experience in marketing innovative products to the healthcare market in the US and EU

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Avi Ohry

Medical Advisor

Director of Rehab Medicine at Reuth Medical Center, former Head of Neuro-Rehabilitation Department at Sheba Medical Center, featured in the Caring Physicians of the World publication, by the World Medical Association (2005)

Dr. Shmuel Shpringer

Clinical Advisor

Head of Department of Physical Therapy, Ariel University, Technology, and Clinical Director Bioness Neuromodulation