How We Impact

Walk and balance

Most falls occur while walking, thus reduced motor control is considered a serious risk factor for falls. Since control of trunk movement is essential to maintaining balance, deterioration in the control of trunk movement is increased fall-risk.

..after about 5 or 6 treatments.. nearly all patients showed improvement in their walking abilities and posture

Yossi Kaplan
Gerontologist, CEO of Lev-Ganim Assisted Living, Netanya, Israel

Suddenly I was able to play the piano as long as I wanted… it's everywhere, it's in my brushing my teeth and calming my hair…


Life quality

Many seniors who have experienced a fall in the past, are afraid of the next fall. This fear prevents them from walking and getting out of their homes. Fear of fall is common and may lead older people to become socially isolated and hardly active.


Any loss of ability to live independently in the community has a considerable detrimental effect on quality of life and independence. 
Independence is sometimes the only thing seniors may feel they can control when certain aspects of their life change with age.

Balanseat has changed my life by giving me greater independence. At my age that is very very important.


I had severe balance problems..and walked with a walker..after using the Balanseat and suddenly I noticed the swelling goes down and disappeared completely, and I was walking better

I get up more easily..and my walking is much better

The Balanseat feels so good' it feels like a back helps me